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International Journal of Research in Engineering

Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A (2020)

Navigate the feature of 7TH Generation mobile wireless networks


Gizealew Alazie Dagnaw


At the present time participants are looking for an appropriate package that includes all the advanced features because they have become recognizable with the evidence of mobile phone technology. At present, it is developing very rapidly and addresses all mobile and wireless communications fields. In generations beyond 5G, network operators will be connected to one single core a nanocore. Combined with artificial intelligence, this nanocore will transform the mobile and wireless service that we know today. Already, 7G has lofty goals, such as space roaming (with support from the global navigation satellite system, the telecommunication satellite system, the earth-image satellite system, and the 6G cellular system). The telecommunication satellite will be used for voice and multimedia communications; the navigational satellite will obviously be used for global positioning systems (GPS); and the earth-image satellites will provide us with closely up-to-the-minute weather updates and help with things like natural disaster preparedness. Needless to say, 7G should have absolutely no issue with data capacity coverage or bandwidth (no matter what tasks one throws at it). The 7G of mobile wireless networks which aims to acquire space roaming. The world is trying to become completely wireless, demanding uninterrupted access to information anytime and anywhere with better quality, high speed, increased bandwidth and reduction in cost. When 7G will complete all its week points then there will be no issue of data capacity coverage and hand off left behind. At that time there will be only one demand from user which is the cost of mobile phone call and its services.

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Gizealew Alazie Dagnaw. Navigate the feature of 7TH Generation mobile wireless networks. Int. J. Res. Eng. 2020;2(1):04-07. DOI: 10.33545/26648776.2020.v2.i1a.26
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